A Gadget that will Never be Released

When you look at some tech concepts, there is a painful feeling: what a pity that this is not yet invented! The idea of Swiss designers from HandyAbovergleich evokes opposite emotions, at least for those users who print a lot. Their conceptual model of the MacBook is equipped with a touch screen, a touchpad and … Continue reading A Gadget that will Never be Released

The Best Inventions of 2017

Recently Time presented the best inventions of the last year. It is worthy of note that the inventions are placed in a free order. Robot Assistant Jibo. It is not like all the other domestic assistants. Jibo has more human features. In addition, the creators call Jibo "the first social robot". It is also able … Continue reading The Best Inventions of 2017

Apple is Engaged in Hamburgers Production

The largest IT companies competed in drawing burgers. The "hamburger competition" among the world's largest digital gadget manufacturers and software developers started with a simple comparison. Who is cooking "tastier" - Apple or Microsoft, Google or Facebook - IT managers have started a serious dispute! Actually, it's about "emoji" - the image of the hamburger … Continue reading Apple is Engaged in Hamburgers Production