Canadian VersaBank is Building a Digital Storage for Cryptocurrency

The smallest in terms of assets the Bank of Canada VersaBank announced the creation of a digital vault for cryptocurrency. The new service will be launched in June.

“We’re using what banks are all about — safety and security — only what we’re doing now is saying that physical box in the basement is getting obsolete,” said David Taylor, chief executive officer.

Secure and Super Private Place

To work on the new service, the bank attracted the BlackBerry specialist Gurpreet Sahota. He will lead the team of developers of virtual storage VersaVault. The digital assets will be stored on servers around the world. As in the case of safe deposit boxes, the bank doesn’t know what is inside. In addition, the financial institution will not even have access to the contents of the storage.

“Our differentiator in this market is to be secure and super private,” said Taylor.

The large funds have already shown interest in the novelty. The cost of services in the bank has not yet been determined, but it will not be “cheap”.

LitePay Will Be Launched in The Near Future

LitePay is the new processing service for the Litecoin cryptocurrency. It will be launched in the near future and will allow companies and merchants around the world to quickly and easily accept “digital silver” as payment for goods and services.

The beginning of work on LitePay was announced by the Litecoin Foundation in December of last year. Now the developers are ready to present the product to the general public.

Users will also be offered the opportunity to order a debit card that can be replenished with any wallet and used to withdraw cash from any compatible ATM. The website of LitePay does not say which payment platform supports the cards.

d3mnxbb1jk701The popular Bitcoin-processor BitPay currently takes a commission of $5.00, and the confirmation of transactions takes a lot of time.

Taking into account the faster and cheaper transactions offered by Litecoin, such a service can be not only more profitable and convenient, but it will also help to broaden the adoption of this cryptocurrency and increase its liquidity.


Japan Begins to Sell Real Estate for Bitcoin

Specializing in the sale of real estate Japanese startup company Yitanzi announced the plans to accept bitcoins as a payment.

Currently, one commercial property is for sale – a small building worth 547 BTC (approximately $ 6.4 million at the current rate).

The technical director of Yitanzi Yokozawa Yuske reported that now many crypto-enthusiasts are looking out for the real estate market, seeking to spend investment income. Yuske also noted that the Japanese real estate market has a large number of sellers who are ready to receive cryptocurrency as payment.

According to representatives of Yitanzi, the building will be sold for bitcoins in several weeks. Moreover, in the future, the company is considering the option of accepting the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Bitcoin Will Be The Main Topic at The G20 Summit in March

The European Central Bank (ECB) indicated that this year the main topic at the G20 Summit will be the control over cryptocurrencies. The Summit will take place in Buenos Aires in March.

During the meeting at the World Economic Forum in 2018 in Davos, a member of the ECB’s Council, Benoit Coeure pointed out that French Economy Minister Brune Le Mair is planning to make bitcoin the main topic in this forum.

Recently, Brune Le Mair stated about the desire to regulate Bitcoin on a legal level and to discuss everything on the G20 forum.

British Prime Minister Theresa May and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin believe that it is necessary to act jointly in regulating cryptocurrency. Politician John Kerry noted that technology has a certain value, so interest in it in the future will only grow.

At the same time, the head of the central bank of Sweden said that there is no need to strengthen control over cryptocurrencies, they “do not correspond to the definition of money.”

CES18: Mercedes Smart Vision EQ – Two-Seater Autonomous Vehicle

Smart-Vision EQ from Mercedes-Benz demonstrated its unique opportunities at the recent CES 2018 show in Las Vegas. It was first shown at the Frankfurt motor show in September. Engineers have completed autonomous control systems and connectivity options. The result was a car built on the platform Smart Fortwo, which is capable of winking at pedestrians. Moreover, it has the fifth autonomy level and welcomes passengers by their names.

Talking car

Thanks to the fifth autonomy level, the car does not have a steering wheel and pedals in the cabin. Mercedes says that the concept is not intended for sale to private individuals. Instead, it will be a part of the fleet of autonomous cars of the future. The company sees that in a few years such cars will come to the destination and greet their passengers by their names. They will get to know all the information needed through to the connection service between cars-taxi data and photos.


As soon as the passenger has been taken to the destination, Smart Vision EQ politely bids him farewell. An interesting feature is the car’s equipment with hygiene products. Therefore, people can, while in the salon, for example, clean their hands or have lunch.

Mercedes has updated the front display with the image of the Las Vegas Strip Boulevard, which was installed by default. During the show, he made several short trips at a distance of about 500 metres. For passengers it was absolutely new and exciting experience riding a car with the fifth autonomy level.

However, the trip was not absolutely autonomous. A technician controlled the car through the remote control. The manufacturer has not risked the safety of people in such a crowded place yet. However, the experiment gave a clear idea of what the traffic would be in the near future.

Winklevoss Brothers lost $1 Billion during the Bitcoin Fall

A month and a half ago, thanks to the active growth in the value of Bitcoin, the Winklevoss brothers became the first dollar billionaires who were able to get such an impressive fortune due to the increased exchange rate of the cryptocurrency. Then, when the cost of bitcoin reached $ 20 thousand, their financial position almost doubled. But the subsequent decline in the rate of cryptocurrencies led to the fact that in one month the Winklevoss brothers lost nearly $1 billion dollars.

 The brothers have in the wallet about 120,000 bitcoins

 A month ago, on December 17, when Bitcoin’s price exceeded $ 20,000, the value of their assets was approximately $ 2.4 billion. But exactly a month later, on January 17, the value of the crypto currency decreased to $ 10,000.

Accordingly, the financial condition of the Winklevoss brothers also decreased twice. At this time, the cost of bitcoin is about $ 11.5 thousand. Consequently, the assets of brothers in the cryptocurrency are estimated at $ 1.4 billion, $ 1 billion less than at the peak of value.