A Gadget that will Never be Released

When you look at some tech concepts, there is a painful feeling: what a pity that this is not yet invented!

The idea of Swiss designers from HandyAbovergleich evokes opposite emotions, at least for those users who print a lot. Their conceptual model of the MacBook is equipped with a touch screen, a touchpad and a trackpad that occupies the entire bottom of the laptop. Such a decision could appeal to designers and artists. For common users, it does not fit.

Earlier, the chief designer of the corporation Johnny Ive and senior vice-president of marketing Phil Schiller have repeatedly stated that Apple will not produce “vertical” touch surfaces. According to experts, this increases the load on the hands and completely not ergonomic. This is what Steve Jobs himself said.

Therefore, there is no reason to expect the appearance of a touch screen on the MacBook in the next few years. However, TouchBar appeared instead of the usual top row of buttons in the model MacBook Pro 2017.


The messages concerning Apple’s interest in such technologies sometimes occurs on the Internet. The concept of HandyAbovergleich simply combines the idea of ​​a touch screen and a dynamic keyboard. Designers believe that on such a device you can draw using Apple Pencil.

Steve Jobs once said that a stylus would never be used on Apple devices Apple. They are uncomfortable and easy to lose. Nevertheless, in 2015, the corporation introduced a “pencil”, compatible with the iPad Pro. Let us hope that this is the only one of the founders’ outlines, which the modern management of the corporation dared to violate.

The Best Inventions of 2017

Recently Time presented the best inventions of the last year. It is worthy of note that the inventions are placed in a free order.

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  • Robot Assistant Jibo. It is not like all the other domestic assistants. Jibo has more human features. In addition, the creators call Jibo “the first social robot”. It is also able to capture its owner’s feelings.
  • “Smart” glasses eSight 3 is for patients with eyesight diseases. They assist an owner in navigating and recording high-resolution video.
  • Halo Top is a low-calorie ice cream. It includes 360 calories per half-liter.
  • Fenty Beauty. The line of make-up that was launched by Rihanna.
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  • Ember Mug – a cup for heating coffee. The mug can keep the temperature of the liquid for a while.
  • Thyssenkrupp Elevators. The magnetic levitation allows them to move on any trajectory.
  • The iPhone X is Apple’s new smartphone, equipped with a “frameless” display and Face ID.
  • Hijab Nike Pro is for Muslim women athletes.
  • Forward – a health centre, where doctors prevent diseases.
  • Sneakers Adidas Futurecraft 4D. Their soles are made on a 3D printer.
  • Tesla Model 3. Electric car can soon turns into a routine.
  • Willow Pump is for pumping out breast milk.
  • Nest Secure is a home security system.
  • Mars rover NASA Mars Insight. NASA is sending a rover next year. A multitude of cameras will equip it. Rover will focuse on the exploration of the Martian soil.
  • Oculus Go is a virtual reality helmet. It works without connecting to other devices.
  • Tasty One Top – “smart” cooker, which can prompt the owner some of the recipes.
  • Drone DJI Spark. It is easy to use, hard and comparatively cheap.
  • Air filter Molekule. The creators announce that the filter can remove air pollutants.
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  • Michelin. The tires are manufactured on a 3D printer; they do not need to be pumped. Moreover, they can adapt to various road conditions.
  • WiFi-router Norton Core is able to save the computers tablets and phones from cyberthreats.
  • “Smart” wristband for children Bempu. It monitors the breathing, temperature and other child’s indicators.
  • Nintendo Switch is a game console.
  • Football helmet VICIS Zero1.
  • OceanWood GreenWave 3D. According to the creators, mankind must start consuming shellfish and algae.
  • The spinners closes the list.

Harry Potter Sequel was Written by… Robot

The team of developers from the Botnik Studios posted a new book about Harry Potter written by the artificial neural network. They share three pages of it on Twitter. Joanne Rowling fans think the story is a little strange, but at the same time find it interesting enough. In just a day, the post has collected more than 57 thousand likes and more than 27 thousand reposts.


The text is called “Harry Potter and the Portrait of what Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash”. Predictive Writer is the algorithm, with the help of which this text was written. It was taught on the seven books about Harry Potter. Its work is akin to the autofill algorithms of messengers and “smart” keyboards. The Predictive Writer dictionary coincides with the original texts dictionary; it includes the names of the characters, fictional creatures and characteristic jargon.

However, this dictionary sometimes creates unexpected combinations. For example, Ron Weasley tries to eat Hermione’s parents, and the Death Eaters kiss each other.


The source code of the program and the text itself are available on the developer’s site. Journalists note that the writing work of artificial intelligence can already be compared with “any good fanfic”. The genre of fanfics or fanfiction includes amateur texts based on popular original literary works. The epitome of such a genre has to preserve a faint imprint of the original author’s charm.

Artificial Intelligence Defeated the Chess Champions


Its name is AlphaZero; it defeated the world’s best chess program in four hours. Before the game, he knew nothing, but how the chess pieces are able to move.

Now AlphaZero is the best chess player on the Earth. This system created by Deepmind did not lose a single game of 100 games played in the tournament with Stockfish 8, the best chess program.

AlphaZero is a modified version of AlphaGo Zero, an artificial intelligence that recently won the tournament of Go with the famous AlphaGo. The latter won the world’s best human players.

The system works almost identically with AlphaGo Zero, but instead of it, the machine is programmed to play chess and shogi, another Japanese strategic game. AlphaZero acquired the needed skills without any assistance. Unlike all previous chess programs, it had no empirical data, no database with the archives of the chess games, no knowledge of chess strategies. He just knew the purpose of the game.


AlphaZero has learned not only how to play chess in four hours, but how to become an absolute chess champion. AlphaZero just began to play on its own repeatedly improving its skills. If it is possible to count in human terms, it spent about 1400 years playing chess during these four hours. The system can handle 800,000 positions per second, while Stockfish 8 can handle 70 million moves per second.

After the first success, it surpassed the AlphaGo playing Go in eight hours. At last, he won the program Elmo that used to be a champion in the game of shogi in two hours.



Kitties for 100 Thousand Dollars: How to Play CryptoKitties

A blockchain-based viral game about buying and breeding cryptokitties occupied 15% of Ethereum traffic in a week, earning almost $ 3 million from fans of virtual pets.


How to register in the game

First, you need to install the online wallet MetaMask. This is Ethereum extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. Having registered an account in the system, you need to complete the filling of the profile on the site – you will only have to enter your e-mail and nickname. The mobile version of the game hasn’t been developed yet.

How to choose a kitten

Kittens can be bought on the internal exchange. Until November 2018 a new pet will be generated by the system every 15 minutes. Then the animals will appear only due to the pairing of other individuals. The value of each of them depends on the characteristics that are inherited from the parents. Now, for example, in the game there are only 160 jaguars and 93 maine coons. Also you can find rare species of a vampire or geek and cats, in the creation of which celebrities like Katy Perry and Elon Musk are involved. The Cooldown indicator determines how fast a cat can enter into new relationships.


How much pets cost

The price of the cats generated by the system is determined based on the cost of the last five animals sold. At the time of writing, she ranged from 9 to 13 Ethereum. The cost of the pets created by users is determined by their owners. It gradually decreases, if not willing to buy a cat.

How to breed crypto-animals

Users can not only buy, but also raise cryptokitties. Pets do not have a certain gender. To get newborn kitties you will need to pay 0.002 Ethereum. Each birth increases the time required for the cat to recover – it is gradually coming from a few minutes to a week.

Is it possible to get rich on this

The money that users receive for the cryptokitties get to the account in MetaMask. In the future, they can be spent and withdrawn by means of exchanges. Reddit, for example, already shares stories, how to earn  $3,200 in just a couple of days, investing in the game only $40.

The developers themselves – studio Axiom Zen – earn on the sale of the generated kitties and commission of 3.75% from each transaction.

Apple is Engaged in Hamburgers Production

The largest IT companies competed in drawing burgers.

The “hamburger competition” among the world’s largest digital gadget manufacturers and software developers started with a simple comparison. Who is cooking “tastier” – Apple or Microsoft, Google or Facebook – IT managers have started a serious dispute!

people-are-furiously-debating-the-correct-placement-of-cheese-in-the-burger-emojiActually, it’s about “emoji” – the image of the hamburger among the other drawings that are included in the kit with emoticons that the user of the phone or social network inserts into the text of the message.

On Twitter, people from around the world began to discuss who has little sesame, and who has no cheese on it.

“I think we need to discuss how Google puts cheese on meat, while Apple puts it on top,” wrote Thomas Baekdal. And that was the key issue that CEO of Google Inc., Sundar Pichai, responded to.  He wrote that his team would immediately address the issue. So, a new operating system – Android 8.1 – has recently came out. In contrast to the previous Android 8.0, the cheese is in its place.

Afterwards, the official account of Ukraine in Twitter urged Apple and Google to create an emoji for borscht. The American resource Mashable presented article “Forget about burgers! Ukrainians want emoji for borscht”.DNZSXr5W4AAnTl7

The author of the article Rachel Thompson spoke with SMM-team of the Ukrainian official account. They reassured Thompson that this traditional dish is worthy of emoji, since it had a huge impact on the world: “Many poets, scholars and politicians contributed to world history after a hot bowl of borscht”.

Ukrainian developers are already working on the creation of brand emoji – they now evaluate the criteria for “Unicode emoji” in order to eventually “embody “borscht-emoji” in reality”.