Winklevoss Brothers lost $1 Billion during the Bitcoin Fall

A month and a half ago, thanks to the active growth in the value of Bitcoin, the Winklevoss brothers became the first dollar billionaires who were able to get such an impressive fortune due to the increased exchange rate of the cryptocurrency. Then, when the cost of bitcoin reached $ 20 thousand, their financial position almost doubled. But the subsequent decline in the rate of cryptocurrencies led to the fact that in one month the Winklevoss brothers lost nearly $1 billion dollars.

 The brothers have in the wallet about 120,000 bitcoins

 A month ago, on December 17, when Bitcoin’s price exceeded $ 20,000, the value of their assets was approximately $ 2.4 billion. But exactly a month later, on January 17, the value of the crypto currency decreased to $ 10,000.

Accordingly, the financial condition of the Winklevoss brothers also decreased twice. At this time, the cost of bitcoin is about $ 11.5 thousand. Consequently, the assets of brothers in the cryptocurrency are estimated at $ 1.4 billion, $ 1 billion less than at the peak of value.

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