A Gadget that will Never be Released

When you look at some tech concepts, there is a painful feeling: what a pity that this is not yet invented!

The idea of Swiss designers from HandyAbovergleich evokes opposite emotions, at least for those users who print a lot. Their conceptual model of the MacBook is equipped with a touch screen, a touchpad and a trackpad that occupies the entire bottom of the laptop. Such a decision could appeal to designers and artists. For common users, it does not fit.

Earlier, the chief designer of the corporation Johnny Ive and senior vice-president of marketing Phil Schiller have repeatedly stated that Apple will not produce “vertical” touch surfaces. According to experts, this increases the load on the hands and completely not ergonomic. This is what Steve Jobs himself said.

Therefore, there is no reason to expect the appearance of a touch screen on the MacBook in the next few years. However, TouchBar appeared instead of the usual top row of buttons in the model MacBook Pro 2017.


The messages concerning Apple’s interest in such technologies sometimes occurs on the Internet. The concept of HandyAbovergleich simply combines the idea of ​​a touch screen and a dynamic keyboard. Designers believe that on such a device you can draw using Apple Pencil.

Steve Jobs once said that a stylus would never be used on Apple devices Apple. They are uncomfortable and easy to lose. Nevertheless, in 2015, the corporation introduced a “pencil”, compatible with the iPad Pro. Let us hope that this is the only one of the founders’ outlines, which the modern management of the corporation dared to violate.

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