Bitcoin Tops $20,000


After the rodeo last week, when the cost of Bitcoin increased by more than $ 5,000 in two days, there was a relative calm this week. Trades were held in the corridor from $ 15,000  to $ 17,500.

But this relative calm has not continued for a long time. Already on Saturday, the bitcoin rate overcame the mark of $19,000 and reached $19,500. On Sunday, the rise in the price of the crypto currency resumed, resulting in $20,000 mark. According to the Coinmarketcap resource, the cost of Bitcoin set a new record for mark $20089 for one cryptocoin. Accordingly, the capitalization of the crypto currency reached $326 billion. Then a small pullback followed the level of $ 19.6 thousand.


Just as reminder, at the end of last month – November 28 – the price of Bitcoin was for the first time $10,000. Thus, in less than 3 weeks, the value of crypto currency increased by the next $10,000.

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