Harry Potter Sequel was Written by… Robot

The team of developers from the Botnik Studios posted a new book about Harry Potter written by the artificial neural network. They share three pages of it on Twitter. Joanne Rowling fans think the story is a little strange, but at the same time find it interesting enough. In just a day, the post has collected more than 57 thousand likes and more than 27 thousand reposts.


The text is called “Harry Potter and the Portrait of what Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash”. Predictive Writer is the algorithm, with the help of which this text was written. It was taught on the seven books about Harry Potter. Its work is akin to the autofill algorithms of messengers and “smart” keyboards. The Predictive Writer dictionary coincides with the original texts dictionary; it includes the names of the characters, fictional creatures and characteristic jargon.

However, this dictionary sometimes creates unexpected combinations. For example, Ron Weasley tries to eat Hermione’s parents, and the Death Eaters kiss each other.


The source code of the program and the text itself are available on the developer’s site. Journalists note that the writing work of artificial intelligence can already be compared with “any good fanfic”. The genre of fanfics or fanfiction includes amateur texts based on popular original literary works. The epitome of such a genre has to preserve a faint imprint of the original author’s charm.

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