YouTube Will Have Its own Version of Stories


Owners of social networks have already come to the conclusion that regular   text comunnication is not enough for users. It is becoming more fashionable and interesting to use visual technologies.

In one of the next updates of YouTube, a new option for placing video for the Reels column will be available. It’s the local version of “Stories”. Stories are already present on SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook and VKontakte.

The main difference between “Reels” and any other similar service is that the stories are not deleted after a certain period of time and are stored exactly as long as the owner of videos wants.

Each video will be no longer than thirty seconds. To each video you can add your music, desired subtitles, stickers, bindings to other videos and other attributes applied to the main content of the video platform. It can be short stories on travel, sketches from the life of the user, or live broadcast from various events – it’s up to authors of the video.


At the moment, this option passes the testing phase and there are still no exact dates when the ability to add own stories will become available to the main audience of the site. It can be very useful for famous bloggers to share their personal day-to-day life and keep in touch with audience.

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