Apple is Engaged in Hamburgers Production

The largest IT companies competed in drawing burgers.

The “hamburger competition” among the world’s largest digital gadget manufacturers and software developers started with a simple comparison. Who is cooking “tastier” – Apple or Microsoft, Google or Facebook – IT managers have started a serious dispute!

people-are-furiously-debating-the-correct-placement-of-cheese-in-the-burger-emojiActually, it’s about “emoji” – the image of the hamburger among the other drawings that are included in the kit with emoticons that the user of the phone or social network inserts into the text of the message.

On Twitter, people from around the world began to discuss who has little sesame, and who has no cheese on it.

“I think we need to discuss how Google puts cheese on meat, while Apple puts it on top,” wrote Thomas Baekdal. And that was the key issue that CEO of Google Inc., Sundar Pichai, responded to.  He wrote that his team would immediately address the issue. So, a new operating system – Android 8.1 – has recently came out. In contrast to the previous Android 8.0, the cheese is in its place.

Afterwards, the official account of Ukraine in Twitter urged Apple and Google to create an emoji for borscht. The American resource Mashable presented article “Forget about burgers! Ukrainians want emoji for borscht”.DNZSXr5W4AAnTl7

The author of the article Rachel Thompson spoke with SMM-team of the Ukrainian official account. They reassured Thompson that this traditional dish is worthy of emoji, since it had a huge impact on the world: “Many poets, scholars and politicians contributed to world history after a hot bowl of borscht”.

Ukrainian developers are already working on the creation of brand emoji – they now evaluate the criteria for “Unicode emoji” in order to eventually “embody “borscht-emoji” in reality”.

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