“The charging time of smartphones will take only 12 mins. “- Samsung Electronics.


Samsung Electronics has announced the development of a new technology for the production of batteries for mobile devices, which will provide a significant increase in capacity and charging speed. It’s about some new technology using graphene. The development was carried out by specialists of the Institute of Advanced Technologies Samsung (SAIT).

According to experts from SAIT, the use of graphene, which provides a higher rate of electricity transmission compared to silicon, has increased capacity by 45%.

At the same time, the charging speed has increased fivefold. The battery developed by SAIT researchers with “spherical graphene elements” is fully charged in just 12 minutes, whereas in modern batteries this process takes about an hour or two.

The SAIT reported that they have already applied to the US and South Korean patent offices. Alas, there are no certain time frames for the commercialization of development. So, we can only hope that it happens in the nearest future.

2 thoughts on ““The charging time of smartphones will take only 12 mins. “- Samsung Electronics.

  1. There are technologies that allow you to increase the density of the battery and reduce the charging time? no problem – manufacturers will reduce the size of the battery, make the phone even thinner, and the camera even more bulging.

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