Bill Gates is Going to Build a Smart City in Arizona


One of the investment companies of Microsoft founder Bill Gates bought for $ 80 million a large piece of land located about 45 minutes west of Phoenix, the capital of Arizona. This deserted place under the name Belmont in the future should turn into a technological city.

The area of ​​the acquired site allocated for the construction “smart city” is about 10 thousand hectares. Nearby is a motor road that connects Phoenix with Las Vegas.

The press release distributed by the investment group Belmont Partners states that Belmont will build a visionary community with communications and infrastructure using advanced technologies based on high-speed digital networks, data centers, new production technologies and distribution models, autonomous transport and autonomous logistic nodes.

According to the documentation of Belmont Partners, approximately 1.5 thousand hectares of land is allocated for the construction of office and commercial buildings. Another 190 hectares allocated for schools. In addition, on the territory it is planned to build about 80 thousand dwelling houses. When construction begins, it is not yet known. Alas, there is no information about the timing of the construction of this future city, which will make Arizona the recognised place for innovation.

This beautiful Arizona…


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